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In 1985, the professional training project Noroeste Pioneira was born, as part of the cooperative dynamics of Novos Pioneiros, whose precepts of economy and social well-being formed the school's principles and values. For several years, Noroeste Pioneira, in partnership with its promoting entity, developed numerous actions whose success ensured hundreds of young people professional qualification.


In 1999, after a long period of reflection and a capital of 10 years of experience, the identification and symbol of the school were changed, its short and medium term objectives were reinforced and a new strategic direction of cooperation between other local institutions was defined. . being born  the Professional School of Minho -  Sprom -   educational establishment, legally constituted under Decree-Law nº 4/98 and other legislation in force, recognized by the Ministry of Education, with the status of private and cooperative education establishment.


Vocational training, provided by the School, was developed in two distinct poles, located in the two district capital cities of the Minho region: Braga and Viana do Castelo.   Currently, Esprominho is only in Braga, having adequate spaces for the development and support of training activities. 

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  • Develop closer mechanisms between the School and economic, professional, associative, cultural institutions, among others, of the surrounding social fabric;


  • Provide trainees with contacts with the world of work and professional experience leading to an adequate cultural and socio-professional insertion;


  • Promote the carrying out, individually or in collaboration with other local and regional institutions, of professional training actions, in the most varied modalities, with a view to implementing a project for the training of qualified human resources, with particular focus on the regional and local;


  • Provide trainees with a solid general, scientific and technological training, capable of preparing them for active life and for the continuation of  studies;


  • Contribute to the creation of jobs, taking into account the purposes of the employment policy, through technical-pedagogical support in the areas of organization and management of professional training;


  • Participate in technical cooperation activities, in the field of training, developed with local, regional and international organizations.



Our mission focuses on the organization  of training at the various levels of education and training integrated in diversified paths of professional qualification, with a view to providing young people and adults with the knowledge and professional skills and citizenship that provide them with a better integration into the world of work in close articulation with the economic fabric and social.



We aim to organize training based on the most advanced and most consistent projects that are being developed in the countries of the European Union and the OECD.


We intend to be a school  educator, creator of free and reflective citizens (competent in emotional management), participative and socially engaged;  Integrator, able to respond to the educational needs of students;  recognized by the community  as a center of competences (knowing how to be-be-doing);  international, a Portuguese school for europe and the world.



Excellence and Requirement   -   Responsibility and Integrity   -   Citizenship and Participation   -   Curiosity, Reflection and Innovation

Competence  -   Responsibility  -  assertiveness  -  Adaptability

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