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Curso Profissional Design de Moda Esprominho



A Esprominho é uma Escola Profissional que conta com o financiamento de Programas de Apoio Financeiro para os Cursos Profissionais e Cursos de Educação e Formação para jovens, bem como para os Cursos de Educação e Formação de Adultos. Estes programas são o POCH (Programa Operacional Capital Humano) e o POISE (Programa Operacional Inclusão Social e Emprego).

POCH_PT2020_FSE_Bom-1 barra.png

The Human Capital Operational Program (POCH)  it aims to contribute to smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and to economic, social and territorial cohesion. This is based on five major objectives:

1. Promoting success and reducing school dropout (ESL);

2. Improving employability by adjusting offers to the needs of the labor market;

3. The increase in the attractiveness and number of higher education graduates;

4. Improving the qualifications of the adult population;

5. The promotion of quality and regulation of the education and training system.


The Social Inclusion and Employment Operational Program (POISE)   aims to improve the quality of life of the Portuguese and promote their inclusion in its most varied forms, contributing to the country's future.



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